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VIDEO4Technical / FilesGenerated

Files Generated by the VIDEO4

There are several file types that are either required or saved whilst using VIDEO4 unit. The files that are related to a session will have the same filename with different extensions.

1. Video file (.VD4)

This file contains the video and audio as recorded by the VIDEO4, this is by far the largest file that is stored on the flash card.

2. Chapter file (.CHP)

This contains the times of the start of chapters in the video files. If this file is lost, the user will not be able to jump to special locations in the video. However the user is still able to continue with other functions.

3. Jump index file (.IDX)

This file contains information(pointers) to where each frame starts, for example frame 21556 starts at 8716231 bytes. This "pre-indexing" of frames allows the video file to be loaded almost instantly into the PC. If this file is missing for any reason, then loading takes from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of the video file. This information is then cached in the PC temporary directory, so next time loading is instant.

4. RT message file (.RUN)

This file contains normal "data" for example GPS and accelemeter information, as well as any temperatures, pressures etc that were logged. This file is exactly the same format as if it had been logged using one of our other conventional "non video" loggers. This data file can be used without the video file if required.

5. Lap marker file (.LAP)

LAP files contain LAP marker information with respect to an origin. Once the VIDEO4 receives a GPS Lock it will match with the origin of all existing LAP files on the Removable CF card. If a matching file is found, the LAPs markers are added according to the file. If there isn’t any matching LAP marker file on the CF card, the VIDEO4 unit will save a LAP file based on the origin location with LAP markers added while recording.

6. Internet map file (.MAP)

MAP files may contain two types of internet maps (Satellite & Road maps) with three different qualities (High, Medium and Low) related to a specific location. Any combination of map type and quality can co-exists in a single MAP file. User can set the type and quality of the image which is to be overlaid behind the Track Map by using the VIDEO4 Configuration Tool. Once the VIDEO4 receives a GPS Lock and the Track Map is set to overlay Internet Maps, it will match with the origin of all existing MAP files on the Removable CF card until it finds a file. If a matching file is found, it will immediately open it and use it to overlay map images behind the Track Map control.
Page last modified on December 07, 2018, at 06:14 AM