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General / FirewallAccess

Firewall access

Please configure the firewall installed in your PC or Network to allow access to the internet for the following applications/DLLs/URLs/IPs and ports for the correct operation of RT software.

Application/DLL/Function/Service URL IPv4 address IPv6 address Port(s)
* Registration check
Note: All RT Applications in both Standard and GoPro version builds do the registration check at the beginning.

* RTCommon_v10.dll

* RT Cloud data access

(RTCloud.dll and its dependent DLLs) 2001:41d0:1008:12bc::1 80/443
Live Monitor (for RT Live connections) 2001:41d0:1008:12bc::1 3002
Google Maps     80/443
Language Translation service 80/443

Please note:

  • All RT application excutables(.EXE), Dynamic libraries (DLLs), and ActiveX controls (.OCX) are checked and digitally signed before the distribution.
  • All thrid party EXEs, DLLs and OCX components are also checked for viruses before the distribution.
Page last modified on February 11, 2020, at 11:43 AM