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HowDoI-NEW / ReflashTheUnitFromADL1

How do I reflash my DASH2 from a DL1?

By reflashing your DASH2, the latest software will be installed onto it. Typically, this is only required when requested by the factory to address an issue or required update in the firmware. There is a small risk when reflashing the DASH2 that you will corrupt the unit. If you are reflashing the unit following an instruction to do so from the factory, then this will be covered within the standard warranty - if however you are reflashing the unit without being instructed to then you will be charged for the factory to reset the unit. We would recommend that you don't reflash the unit unless it is required.

Step 1: To reflash the DASH2 from the DL1, connect the two together using the supplied serial connection cable and turn both the DL1 and the DASH2 on.

Step 2: Insert a blank, newly formatted (FAT or FAT16) Compact Flash Card into your computer.

Step 3: Copy the required DASH.HEX reflash file into the drive that contains the Compact Flash Card.

Step 4: Once the file has been loaded, take the card and insert it into the DL1.

Step 5: The DL1 will automatically read the reflash file and send the information to the DASH2. Whilst being reflashed the fog light LED on the DASH2 with flash and the unit will not respond to button presses.

Step 6: When the reflash has completed (this typically takes about 1 minute) turn the DASH2 off, then back on again to resume normal operation with the new firmware.

Step 7: After reflashing the DASH2 we recommend reloading your configuration file to ensure that all screens and settings are just as you want them.

If the reflashing fails for any reason simply turn off the DASH2 then turn it back on again and repeat the process above.

Page last modified on October 05, 2016, at 11:08 AM