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GPS2 / Specification

GPS2 Specification

The GPS2 when used as a standalone GPS receiver has the following specification.

Typical Position Accuracy (standalone) 1-2m
Typical Position Accuracy (differential) 2-3cm
Typical Speed Accuracy (standalone) 0.02m/s
Distance Accuracy 2-3cm in 40m
Correction format RTCM v3.x
Update Rate 20Hz
Serial I/O 3 x RS232 ports
Serial 1 RS232 @ 460800 baud

Outputs RT msg109 @ 20Hz

Serial 2 RS232 @ 115200 baud

Configuration / reflash

Rear serial port (“Modem”) RS232 @ 38400 baud

RTCM3 input/output

USB 115200 baud

Configuration / reflash

CAN output GPS status, GPS time, LLH Position, NED velocity, 2D & 3D speed, GPS heading & gradient at up to 20Hz.

Output latency either ASAP or fixed 150ms.

SIM card format Mini-SIM (2FF)
Voltage 10-15V
Power consumption 3W
Weight 540g
Dimensions 160mm x 111mm x 27mm
Antenna (standalone) GPS L1 + GLONASS L1, 3.3v, active
Antenna (differential) GPS L1/L2 + GLONASS L1/L2, 3.3v, active

For details of the specification for the GPS2 RTK (2cm Positional Accuracy) when used with the SPEEDBOX or SPEEDBOX INS system, see here

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