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Configuration / THERMO12

THERMO12 Configuration Software

The THERMO12 is configured from the PC either by connecting to the RS232 port on the unit using a Race Technology USB/RS232 adapter or by connecting through the USB port of an attached SPEEDBOX / DL1 / DL2 unit.

When connected to the PC and with power applied to the unit, the configuration can be read back by clicking on Read Configuration. If more than one unit is connected the serial numbers will be shown to enable selection of the appropriate unit. Writing the configuration to the unit can be done at any point by clicking the Send Configuration button. "User notes" area enables to add notes on the configuration file.

Each channel can be individually enabled or disabled globally with the tick box on the right hand side, output rates for Serial and CAN can be independantly set from the drop down menus. Remote Transmission Requests for the CAN output can be enabled or disabled individually for each channel in the CAN RTR column.

Mapping to Race Technology Serial data channels

The channel name and type can be selected from the drop down list for each channel. Channel names can be changed using the button in the "Change name" column. Comment column enables adding user comments for each channel.

Use default RT CAN addresses

Ticking this box will set the CAN addresses (either 11 bit or 29 bit) back to the defaults in the standard Race Technolgoy .DBC file.

Pass through RT format serial messages

This should be ticked if there is more than one unit daisy chained together. If the unit is plugged directly in to a single data logger or DL2 then this should be left unticked.

Configuration loading / saving

Loading and saving of configurations can be done from the File menu.

Page last modified on January 21, 2019, at 11:50 AM