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LapTiming-NEW / LapTimingOperation

Lap timing operation

With a .LAP marker file present on the compact flash card, lap timing operation will start automatically when you pass the start/finish marker for the first time with the data logger on, with GPS lock and logging data. After this, when you complete each sector, the time will be compared with the time to that point on your fastest lap, and your fastest time for that particular sector. These times will be displayed on the DASH2 in the following format:

      SECT             LAP             LAP 

   +0:00.21         +0:30.62        +0:00.19 

The first value is the sector time information, showing that at this marker the time was 0.21s slower than the best time for that sector. The second value is the time to this point on the lap, showing that it has taken 30.62s. The third value is the difference between current and the best time to this point on the lap. The driver is 0.19s slower than on the best lap, in this case.

The sector timing will continue in this way for each sector marker passed until the end of the lap, at which time the lap time and sector times will be compared against the previous best ones, the best will be updated as required (unless stored lap or marker times are being used). The vehicle speed display will temporarily be replaced with the number of laps completed each time a lap marker is passed. The lap counter will be reset every time that data logging is stopped or started on the data logger.

Page last modified on October 05, 2016, at 10:04 AM