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DASH2Configuration / LapTiming

Lap timing

The DASH2 is able to display lap timing data which has been generated by an external data logger such as a DL1. This is configurated by clicking on the "Set up lap/sector timing" icon in the DASH2 configuration software:

At the end of each sector and lap on the track the lap timing values can be displayed on the DASH2 screen for a pre-set length of time, which is user settable.

The values to be chosen from are:


Does exactly what it says on the tin

Lap time:

The total time up to this point in the lap

Sector time:

The time for the sector which has just been completed

Lap delta:

The difference in time between the best lap and the current lap to this point

Sector delta:

The difference between the last sector time and the time for that sector on the fastest lap

When predictive lap times option is enabled, the lap time will display as a predicted lap time which assumes that the rest of the lap will be done at the same speed as the fastest lap.

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