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CANConfigurationForDASH2PRO / MappingCANDataToARTDataChannel

Mapping CAN data to a Race Technology data channel

This is done from the main screen on the CAN configuration section. Basic settings for the CAN bus such as the identifier length (11 or 29 bit) and bit rate are also set here.

When the CAN information has been set up for the channel it can be mapped to a Race Technology internal channel. The input equations and filtering can also be set on this page. It is important for correct operation that the scaling and equations applied to incoming data puts the data in the correct units. Which are:

Temperature Degrees C
Voltage Volts
Angles Degrees

Failure to do this will give errors when the data is scaled on the display or Analysis software.

For each channel which is used the following must be set.

  • Maximum rate of change [units per second]
This option limits the rate of change of the variable. The rate is limited at the output of the equation
  • Smoothing filter time [seconds]
This sets the length of time over which the data is filtered.
  • Calculus
  • Input equation [V]
  • Map channel to
  • CAN configuration
  • Enabled/Disabled

The equation can be edit to scale or apply other mathematical functions to the incoming data. The required output of the equation in terms of units is shown as 'Units as displayed', in this case Volts.

Page last modified on October 31, 2012, at 11:22 AM