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Status LED Meanings

Timepulse (yellow)

Flashes at 1Hz 50% duty cycle when the GPS receiver has a lock, the falling edge of the output is precisely synchronised with the second boundaries of GPS time. I.E. the LED is lit for the second half of each second.

Trigger (blue)

When the trigger LED is on the triggered output is active. Three rapid flashes of this LED are also used by the single-antenna SPEEDBOX-INS to acknowledge receipt and processing of an auto-levelling command.

SBAS (yellow)

This is used to indicate that GPS data is being sourced from incoming serial data in Race Technology High Precision GPS Msg109 format, currently only from a Race Technology GPS2.

Solidly on when external high precision GPS data has been detected at least once. If external data then ceases the SBAS LED will remain on until reboot, and internal GPS data will not be used.

Note: This LED has no relation to SBAS, the original labelling is now defunct.

Error (red)

Flashes to indicate different error conditions. The error conditions corresponding to the number of flashes are given in the table below. More than one error can be present at one time, for example a series of 3 flashes followed by 4 flashes would signify both error conditions 3 and 4 are present.

Error Code
(Number of Flashes)

Error Condition
1 GPS module 1 failure
2 GPS module 2 failure
3 GPS antenna 1 short circuit
4 GPS antenna 2 short circuit
6 Internal IMU failure
7 External IMU not detected (SPEEDBOX-INS only)
8 External IMU calibration checksum fail (SPEEDBOX-INS only)
9 RS232 input buffer overflow
10 The hardware does not support the currently installed firmware version
11 The hardware does not have the required licence for the currently installed firmware version

Power (red)

On when power is applied to the unit. It then briefly flashes off at 1Hz whilst the firmware is running. If it remains continuously on then power is applied but the firmware is not running.

Status (green)

The meaning of the status LED depends on the type of SPEEDBOX. The table below shows the status light meanings for each version of the SPEEDBOX.


Status LED Indication
Off Short flashes Long flashes Continuously on
SPEEDBOX No GPS lock GPS position only GPS doppler lock GPS carrier lock
SPEEDBOX-RTK No GPS lock GPS position and/or dopper lock GPS carrier lock RTK lock
SPEEDBOX-INS No lock GPS lock RTK lock INS lock

GPS Status 1 (green)

Continuously on when GPS receiver 1 has a lock.

GPS Status 2 (green)

Continuously on when GPS receiver 2 has a lock (RTK and dual-antenna INS versions only).

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