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SPEEDBOX / Analogue


There are four analogue outputs available on the SPEEDBOX, these are accessed through the LEMO connectors on the front of the unit. The configuration for these is done from the main SPEEDBOX configuration software by clicking on the Analogue tab. For each input, the drop down selector box in the ‘variable’ column can be used to select the output. This can either be one of the internal variables which will be used as a DAC output, or it can be used as an ADC input. When used as an analogue input the data will be transmitted on the serial port and CAN ports as analogue channels 1-4.

When set up as a DAC output, the available range is -5 to 5v in to a 50 ohm load or -10 to 10v in to infinite impedance. ADC input range is 0-20v, single ended.

When DAC output or ADC input is not required for any given channel, it is recommended to set that channel to either "Unused DAC" or "Unused ADC input", since that will minimise the amount of internal bus usage within the SPEEDBOX.

Page last modified on November 29, 2016, at 01:11 PM