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Software / RunProcessor

Run Processor

Run processor is the Race Technology's Run data file management utility. It can be used to:

  • Extract data from run data file(s) and save extracted data to CSV or Matlab format.
  • Split large run file(s) into smaller ones
  • Convert run file data (which is in binary format) to readable text
  • Batch process run files to extract lap times and summary statistics
  • Automatically synchronise and process run files in RT Cloud

Run file processing consists of following steps:

1. First select the file processing option (extract data, convert run files, split run files etc.)

2. Select the output file format

3. Select run file(s)

4. Start processing file(s) by clicking the "Start" button

Press Start button to start conversion. Progress bars visually indicate the amount of data processed whilst 'Status'' gives you the progress as a percentage.
  • If you select "Process single file" or "Process all files in a folder" options, and if you stop the conversion while it is in progress, created file(s) will have data only up to that point.
  • Output files (CSV or matlab) will be created in the same directory as the source run files.

Selecting the file format

Extracted/Converted Run data can be exported to following formats.

1. CSV (comma separated value) format

  • For the .CSV file format, enter the character that you would like to use as the data value separator, in to the Separator edit box.
  • It is recommended to keep the default separator - comma (,)

2. Matlab .m file

You can also extract raw GPS and raw Serial data from the .RUN file and save them into two separate files in binary format (.bin).

Selecting source run files

There are three source run file selection options:

1. Selecting a single file

Drag & drop the run file to the text box, or browse and select the file using the button

2. Selecting a folder

  • Drag & drop a folder containing run files to the text box, or browse and select the folder using the button

3. Automatically synchronise and process run files in RT Cloud

Page last modified on August 23, 2021, at 10:21 PM