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Specifications / GeneralSpecification

IMU06 MK2 General Specification

General Specification IMU06 IMU06WP
Power requirements 8-15v dc, 150mA
Case construction Anodised aluminium
Maximum dimensions 60.4(W) X 70 (L) X 35 (H) 70.4(W) X 75 (L) X 35 (H)
Mass 175g 220g
Fixing method 5mm mounting holes machined for M4 shoulder screws
IP rating IP50 IP67
Operating temperature -20 to +60oC
Humidity 5-90% non condensation 5-95% non condensation
Vibration 20g all axis 5 minutes
Sensor alignment Internal sensor 0.2 degrees from case mounting holes
Pulse Output 5v, 25% duty cycle approx lOOHz. Rising edge synchronised with data
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