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GettingStarted / DASH2PRODefaultConfiguration

DASH2 PRO default configuration

The default configuration for the DASH2 PRO is as follows:

Configuration sets

All nine configurations are identical

RPM scale

Shift lights

Analogue inputs

Wheel speed and RPM input

Unit control inputs

Gear Indicator

Variable source

Everything except the data from the four internal analogue channels and RPM is set to come from any serial port.

Speed readout

Output serial data

Serial output data set at a slow rate for checking on a PC


High level alarm set to 100 degrees C on water temperature

Reset Variable group

No variables set

Data logging

All channels enabled for logging at maximum rate
File name set to RUN___rr
Directory name set to RTyymmdd

Set up display

Output drivers

All disabled

Lap timing

Car computer functions

Set up display areas

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Screen 5


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