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Configuration / DL1SPORT

DL1 SPORT configuration

There are five sections to the configuration for the DL1 SPORT, these are as follows:

Automatic logging control

The DL1 SPORT can be set up to start and stop logging automatically based on either speed or g-force. Select the required start and stop parameters from the drop down list and enter the start values. Note that the speed is always in kph, irrespective of what units are used elsewhere.

Logging status output

The status output can be configured either to drive an LED, which will be lit when the unit is actively logging data, or to drive the GoPro control cable, in which case it is active for a short time at the start and end of logging.

File naming

In this section the file time offset from GMT can be set. Note that this is only possible in multiples of 1 hour from GMT and that a GPS signal is required for the time to be set.

Directory and file names can also be set. These must be no more than 8 characters in length. Special characters are available to add the day, month, year and two digit run number to a file. For example if the data is 1st June 2013 a directory name of RTyymmdd will give a directory name of RT130601, and a file number of RUN__rr will start with file name RUN__01 and count upwards.

Note: if no run number is included in either the directory or the run name only one file can be produced! Only two digits are available for run number.

RPM input

This box should be ticked if the RPM value is coming from an external interface such as ECU interface, dashboard, or CAN interface. Leave unticked to use the internal RPM sensor in the DL1 SPORT.

Data Output

This box should be unticked for connection to a dashboard, if the DL1 SPORT is being connected to a PC, other data logging unit, or VIDEO4 then tick this box to increase the amount of data transmitted by the DL1 SPORT.

Page last modified on August 02, 2017, at 09:11 AM