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VIDEO4Technical / VD4VideoProblems

Video Problems

When playing Recorded videos using the Race technology video player some users may experience jerky video playback. If you are experiencing such a problem try the following steps.

1. Make sure Direct3D and DirectDraw acceleration is enabled and working without problems.

Enabling DirectX and Hardware acceleration settings will allow the PC to distribute the workload efficiently between the graphics card and central processor.

DirectX Hardware acceleration settings are enabled by default when Windows operating systems are installed. It is not necessary to change these settings later for most of the users. However some users may change these settings while doing tasks like troubleshooting. Make sure that you haven’t disabled any of these acceleration settings.

Using the DirectX diagnostic tool you can find the DirectX settings on your computer. Type the dxdiag command on Run window to open the tool. Then open the Display page by clicking on the Display tab.

  • Make sure that both Direct3D and DirectDraw acceleration is enabled.
  • Click on the Test DirectDraw and then Test Direct3D buttons. Each will start series of tests that checks the Direct3D and DirectDraw settings. Test Results are displayed on the Notes section. Make sure that all test results are successful.

2. Changing the Draw method in RT Video Player

Open the Decoder settings window by clicking on the Options button at the bottom right corner of the RT Video player. There are two draw methods available.

  • Direct3D – this is the default draw method. If you have a newer PC with windows XP installed you will not feel not any difference in play back using either DirectDraw or Direct3D. However in Windows Vista only option we recommend is using direct3D. Vista may switch from Aero theme to Vista Basic theme if you use the DirectDraw.
  • DirectDraw - If the PC is older, then use DirectDraw. Using Direct3D in some older computers may result a jerky video playback.

3. Make sure your PC meets the Recommend Specification.

I. Does the PC meet the requirements specified by the Operating System being used?

This is very important as the OS is not guaranteed to be either stable or perform adequately when running with a lower hardware configuration.

II. What is the recommended configuration required by the Race Technology software bundle?

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system
  • Intel Core2Duo 2 GHz with 4 MB Cache (or compatible)
  • Intel original motherboard (or compatible)
  • 120 GB hard disk
  • Graphics card with 256 MB DRAM
Page last modified on November 19, 2013, at 12:18 PM