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RT_INS_STATUS: INS Status Information

RT_INS_Status: 142, 0 (0x8E0020 + unit id) (0x380)

Byte 0: INS status
Byte 1: INS full accuracy flag
Byte 2: INS overall accuracy [%]
Bytes 3-7: Currently unused

INS status codes:

0: INS uninitialised
1: INS initialised
2: INS converged
3: Stationary lock applied

INS full accuracy flag:

0 when INS overall accuracy < 100%
1 when INS overall accuracy = 100%

INS overall accuracy:

A value of 100% indicates that full accuracy has been achieved
A value greater than zero but less than 100% indicates that data is available but that accuracy would be increased by further dynamic manoeuvring prior to testing.
A value of zero indicates that data is not currently available
Page last modified on August 19, 2015, at 11:59 AM