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RTCONNECT / OutputDataFormat

Output data format

The RT CONNECT outputs serial data, from the serial port 1 (front) and serial port 2 (rear) as detailed below.

Serial port 1 (front)

The RT CONNECT transmits Race Technology serial correction messages using message ID 3 to an attached SPEEDBOX from this port. The only configuration required is to ensure that the serial port is set to the same speed as the attached SPEEDBOX. There is no configuration required on the actual output messages

Serial port 2 (rear)

The RT CONNECT can be configured to either transmit RTCM format correction messages, to send to another receiver which requires RTCM messages, or when used in a Race Technology multi vehicle setup it can send the correction data along with the speed/direction/position of the attached SPEEDBOX.

There is no configuration available on this port, all RTCM corrections received from the server will be transmitted on this port. CTS flow control is used on this port and if data flow is restricted, only the most up to date of each message available will be transmitted.

Page last modified on August 16, 2022, at 11:23 PM