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Installation-NEW / AnalogueInputs

Analogue inputs

The DASH2 is provided with four analogue input channels of its own. These are in addition to any analogue inputs provided by connection to a data logger. These channels may typically be used to monitor variables such as fuel level, water temperature and oil pressure, via existing sensors. If these are not already provided, suitable items are available from Race Technology. These analogue inputs run at a relatively low speed and are not intended for very fast changing variables such as suspension position. The sensor outputs should be connected to the DASH2 analogue input channels on Connector1, Pins 1, 5, 9 and 12, as listed in Table 1. THE MAXIMUM INPUT VOLTAGE APPLIED TO THESE CHANNELS MUST NOT EXCEED 15V! The input voltages will need scaling to display the correct readings for the physical parameters being measured. This calibration is carried out using the DASH2 configuration software.

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