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HardwareInstallation / MountingInTheCar

Mounting In The Car

If the VIDEO4 is equiped with built in accelerometers and you wish to use this information, then the VIDEO4 must be mounted flat, square in the car. The front panel (with the start stop button on) must be pointing towards the rear of the car.

When mounting the VIDEO4 in the car, there are a number of options.

VIDEO4 sport

For most installations the unit will be mounted using 2 strips of scotch lock tape on the base of the unit. This is simple and secure, however please take care not to cover the ventilation holes with the tape. If a more permanent installation is required then there are two main options available:

1. You can use either the mounting holes on the side of the unit. These are designed to take 2.9mm self tapping screws (No. 4) with a maximum penetration depth of 6.5mm.

2. Or a set of "hook in" brackets are available that fit into the channels on the sides of the case . They are made from brushed stainless steel, and are designed to be used with M4 screws or similar diameter self tapping screws (#7 or #8). The mounting diagram for these is shown below:

Standard 2 Bracket Mounting

Extra Secure 4 Bracket Mounting - for demanding applications

In all cases the unit must be located to allow sufficient cooling, and minimise vibration of the unit.

VIDEO4 professional

The VIDEO4 professional unit is designed to be held down using M4 cap head or pan head screws in the base plate. Under some conditions using scotch lock tape might be an option, however due to the weight of the unit this method is not recommended for race conditions.

The unit must be located to allow sufficient cooling, and minimise vibration of the unit.

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