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HowDoI-DL1Sport / ConnectAStartStopSwitch

How do I connect a start/stop switch?

To connect a start/stop switch, wire as shown in the diagram below:

The "start/stop" button gives the driver the option of starting/stopping logging manually. Unlike the sensors that may be connected to the DL1, the start/stop button has four connecting wires, and needs to be connected differently.

Step 1: Connect the wires on the start/stop button to the black, block connector that is on the end of the DL1 power cable. Once the block connector is plugged into the back of the DL1, the orange writing on the unit will tell you where to put the wires:

Green should be connected to "GND",

Red should be connected to "12v",

Blue should be connected to "Stat",

and Yellow should be connected to "Trig".

Step 2: Once the button is properly connected, test that it is working properly. The red LED should illuminate for around 1 second each time the button is pressed.

Page last modified on February 19, 2013, at 09:52 AM