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AnalysisLapAndSectorOptions / TheSectorSetupTab

Sector options tab

There are basically two ways to define sectors.

1. Adding a lap marker and then add sectors manually using the track map buttons.

2. Let the Analysis software add sectors, when a lap marker is added.

This is typically the most convenient and fastest way to handle sectors, and so the most popular method with our users. The downside is that you lose some flexibility - so you may have some sectors that you have no interest in for example.

Select the option "Automatically add sectors when a lap marker is added" to let Analysis software add sectors.

When this option is enabled, Analysis shows the following message to remind you that sectors going to be added automatically.

Note: The grid in this page get populated with the list of currently defined sectors. The grid can't be edited.

Page last modified on July 07, 2021, at 04:06 PM