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RTAnalysisTools / QuickXYGraph

Quick XY Graph

Quick XY graph offers similar functionality to the full "XY graph" window, but can only be used to display data interactively, that is based on the currently highlighted data. It can be used to display up to 5 different variables against time or distance. You can access the Quick XY Graph by going to > Results > Quick XY Graph or by clicking the button on the tool bar.

If, for example, you wanted to compare the fastest time through sector 9 for 3 different runs, you would highlight them in the Lap And Sector Times table:

When you open up the Quick XY Graph, the default settings will show the longitudinal and lateral accelerations and speed against time. The graph will also initially be set to group by variable, meaning that the longitudinal acceleration for all the highlighted data will be shown on the same graph:

Click on the "View Options" button to change the default options for the quick graph. This will open options window.


By default, you can open any number of graphs by selecting the variables from the variable pane to the left of the quick XY graph window.

You can hide the variable pane by de-selecting the "Use interactive selector" option:

When you deselect the Group by variable option, the graphs will change so they are grouped by the section of data you highlighted. This means that the variables selected will appear on a graph for the first highlighted section, and for the second highlighted section etc.:

By default, the graphs are set to plot against distance. This means that you can compare the speeds of the cars on the same section of track at the same point, as apposed to the same time, this will give a more accurate comparison because the runs will take different lengths of time.

Printing Graphs

To learn how to print Graphs click on the following link:

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