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INSMessages / RTINSLatDistToStartMarker

RT_INS_Lat_Dist_To_Start_Mark: Marker Validity Flags and INS Lateral Distance to Start Marker Impact

RT_INS_Lat_Dist_To_Start_Mark: 142, 26 (0x8E2020 + unit id) (0x3A0)

Bytes 0:
Bit 0: Start marker validity flag
Bit 1: Start marker impact flag
Bytes 4-7: INS lateral distance to start marker impact (m)
Start marker validity flag is 1 if a start marker has been configured AND the vehicle is within range (1000m longitudinally, 100m laterally) of the marker, 0 otherwise.
Start marker impact flag is 1 if the vehicle is travelling towards impact with the start marker, 0 otherwise.
Distance to impact resolution is m/1000.
Sign convention:
+ve: Impact to right
-ve: Impact to left
Page last modified on May 30, 2018, at 03:42 PM