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GPSMessages / 35RTGPSRTKSats


RT_GPS_RTK_Sats: 140, 35 (0x8C2320 + unit id) (0x323)

Byte 0: GPS L1 sats
Byte 1: GPS L2 sats
Byte 2: GLONASS L1 sats
Byte 3: GLONASS L2 sats
Byte 4: Galileo E1 sats
Byte 5: Galileo E5a sats
Byte 6: Beidou B1 Sats
Byte 7: Beidou B2 Sats

Each byte is an unsigned integer representing the number of satellites in view, not the number used in the solution.

Page last modified on March 01, 2022, at 08:06 AM