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TranslationManager / ImportAndExportFiles

Import\Export language files

You can import or export language translation files using the File -> Import language file and File -> Export language file commands.

Please note that both import and export applies to the currently selected language.

Exporting files

You can make copies of translation files using the Export feature. This helps you to save your work and also to send the updated translation files to Race Technology.

Format of the exported file will be as follows

Translation_{two letter language code}.ini

Following table contains the default language translation file names for the currently supported languages:

Language File Name
German Translation_de.ini
Danish Translation_da.ini
Finish Translation_fe.ini
French Translation_fr.ini
Italian Translation_it.ini
Dutch Translation_nl.ini
Portuguese Translation_pt.ini
Spanish Translation_es.ini
Swedish Translation_sv.ini
Chinese Translation_zh.ini
Hindi Translation_hi.ini
Japanese Translation_ja.ini
Korean Translation_ko.ini
Romansh Translation_rm.ini
Norwegian Translation_nb.ini

Importing files

Importing a language translation file to the translation manager will replace the current file being used and the imported file will become the default file for the selected language. (The imported file will be renamed and copied to the default translation file location.

This feature helps you to work with an updated file received from Race Technology or to continue with a file you saved before. (Using File -> Export)

Page last modified on July 17, 2019, at 09:16 AM