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ExternalSensors / GTCup

GT Cup External Sensor Details

Sensor Installation Position in the Vehicle

Pressure ports directed vertical downwards

Installation instructions

The pressure sensor is designed for attachment to the bodywork in the engine compartment of motor vehicles. It is connected to the intake-manifold by means of a suitable hose. By suitable fitting the pressure sensor in the vehicle (tapping the pressure at the intake manifold, laying the pressure hose, pressure sensor fitted as high as possible, pressure port pointing downwards etc.), it must be ensured that no fluids (fuel, water, condensation etc.) can penetrate the pressure sensor cell. The connection to the pressure port (material, shape) must be designed so as to guarantee a long-term, leak-proof seat at the port and to guarantee resistance to the measured medium (gas mixture in the intake-manifold). In the interests of good continuity on the connectors, it is essential that not only the connector on the component side is according to specification, but that the material quality and exact fit of the cable harness connector are also guaranteed.

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