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RTAnalysisLapAndSectorOptions / AutomatedMarkersTab

Automated Markers

NOTE: The options on this tab allow you to automatically add markers to the data based on the action of a variable. Please use this carefully, as it can result in the system automatically adding many markers resulting in slow program performance.

  • Do not add any markers automatically
This will disable the adding of markers automatically based on a variable (This is the default option).
  • When a run is processed, clear all markers and add new ones using this rule
When a run is (re)processed, all existing markers will be cleared and new ones will be added based on the rule - the variable, its values and minimum time.
  • When a run is processed, add additional markers using this rule
Additional markers will be added to the data without deleting the existing ones.
Page last modified on August 29, 2012, at 12:07 PM