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LapTimingGuide / ConfiguringDL1-VIDEO4-DASHx

Configuration information for setups with DL1+VIDEO4+DASHx

Information about how to set up this configuration is included here.

However, the most important points to check are:

  • The DL1 must be set up to output serial data and accept incoming RT serial data. If you donít do this you will not be able to add lap markers by pressing a button on the DASHx.
  • The DL1 must be outputting GPS data, otherwise the VIDEO4 will not be able to calculate and display lap times.
  • The DL1 must also be running firmware version 25 or later.
  • Also for the dashboard to work correctly with the VIDEO4, the dashboard must be running a version of the firmware that has been published since the VIDEO4 was made available. In practice this means that: DASH1 and DASH2 must be running firmware version 9.1.5 or later, DASH3 must be running firmware version 1.31.18 or later. If this isnít done then when the dashboard sees the new data from the VIDEO4, it wonít be able to decode it correctly and there is a chance that the dashboard will either display nonsense values, get incorrectly reconfigured or even lock up.
  • Also note that in the case of the DASH1 and the DASH2 it is very important that the data rates out of the VIDEO4 are set appropriately. If the data rates are set too high then the input data buffers on the DASH1 and the DASH2 can get overloaded which can cause problems. All default layouts supplied for the VIDEO4 are preconfigured, but it is important to check just in case. There is more information about this here.
Page last modified on April 29, 2019, at 08:24 AM