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Operation / ResettingMonitoredValue

Resetting a monitored value to zero for change measurement

Whilst most values displayed on the DASH2 will show an absolute reading, such as the water temperature or quantity of fuel in the tank, there are times when it would be useful to monitor changes in value, such as how much fuel has been used to cover a certain distance. To achieve this, the DASH2 can be configured to reset a channel to zero on a single button press. There are two steps in this process: Firstly selecting which channel to reset and then secondly setting one of the buttons to perform the reset function.

To select which channel to reset, go to “Reset value 1”, or “Reset value 2”. Press SELECT then use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll through the list of available channels until you see the one you wish to reset. Press SELECT to choose this channel and return to normal display mode.

To set up a button to perform the reset function see “Programming soft buttons” and set the button to either “Reset value 1” or “Reset value 2”. Whenever this button is pressed it will reset the displayed value of the selected channel to zero. To return the channel to reading its normal value, change to another channel on the reset button, and/or change the button function.

Page last modified on May 28, 2008, at 09:06 AM