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Operation / ShiftLightBrightness

Configuring and changing the brightness of the shift lights

Configuration of the shift lights is carried out in the DASH2 configuration software, under the “RPM setup” tab. The engine speeds at which the LEDs illuminate are set by first entering a value for “RPM of final shift light”. This is the engine speed at which all 6 LEDs will flash and would typically be set to the maximum permissible engine speed. The engine speed interval between illumination of each shift light (1,2,3,4,5,6,6+flashing) is then defined by entering the engine speed interval in the “Shift light interval” field. The brightness of the shift lights is controlled from the DASH2 itself. The sidelight input to the DASH2 is used to detect when the vehicle lights are turned on and dim the shift lights and indicator lights accordingly. The brightness of the shift lights at both high and low settings can be altered by the user to suit personal preference. To do this, go to “LED brightness” and press SELECT. The shift lights will then be illuminated at the current high brightness setting. The UP and DOWN buttons can be used to edit the brightness to the desired level. Then press SELECT to save the high brightness setting and move on to the low brightness setting. Again, use the UP and DOWN buttons to set the desired brightness, then press SELECT to save and return to normal display mode. If the sidelight input is not connected the shift LEDs will remain at the high brightness setting at all times.

Page last modified on April 24, 2008, at 04:10 PM