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Installation / ConnectionToDataLogger

Connection to a data logger

The DASH2 can be connected to the serial output port of a DL1 or DL2 data logger, an AX22 performance meter, or a SPEEDBOX speed sensor. By connecting the unit in this way, many more data channels are available compared to when used in stand-alone configuration. For example, when connected to a DL1 data logger, some of the additional information that is available for real-time display is:

• Battery voltage

• 8 additional analogue inputs

• 4 frequency inputs

• Vehicle position (and position accuracy)

• Vehicle speed (and speed accuracy)

• Vehicle altitude (and altitude accuracy)

• Vehicle heading

• Lap and sector timing

The DASH2 is connected to the output from a DL1, DL2, AX22 or SPEEDBOX using the serial connector provided on the Connector2 section of the DASH2 wiring harness, as shown in Figure 2. This connection is optional and does not affect the stand-alone functions of the DASH2. When connected to the vehicle harness and to a data logger, the DASH2 has a choice of which vehicle speed and engine speed inputs to use. See Setting up internal/external RPM and vehicle speed readings for information on how to configure which inputs the DASH2 uses in this situation.

Page last modified on June 25, 2008, at 01:47 PM