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HowDoI / SetUpTheSpeedometer

How do I set up the speedometer on my DASH2?

The DASH2 speedometer works by measuring the number of pulses per mile. You will need to calculate and enter this figure to activate the Speedo feature.

Measure the distance on the ground that is travelled during one wheel rotation. Assuming that you have an output of one pulse per wheel rotation, one of the following formula should allow you to calculate the number of pulses per mile:

Distance in meters: Pulses per mile = 1609/rolling circumference of wheel

Distance in inches: Pulses per mile = 63360/rolling circumference of wheel

If your wheel gives more than one pulse per revolution, simply multiply the number pulses by the result that you get from the above formula.

Now that you have calculated the number of pulses per mile, you will need to enter the figure into the DASH2.

Enter the DASH2 menu and toggle to "Speed RPM Gear".

Now enter the "Pulses per mile " sub menu.

Use the up and down buttons to toggle to the desired value.

N.B. Holding down the buttons will allow you to toggle through the numbers at intervals of fifty. By pressing and releasing the buttons, you can "fine tune" your selection, one unit at a time.

Page last modified on September 10, 2007, at 04:48 PM