SPEED10 - GNSS Speed and Position Measurement Unit

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The SPEED10 is a general purpose GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) speed and position measurement unit. Suitable for any application that requires a reliable speed measurement without connection to a vehicle wheel speed sensor. A port is provided for an optional OBD-II interface, for a simple way of incorporating additional engine parameters. Speed and position are output at 10Hz, available on CAN, RS232, or pulse output for speed.

SPEED10 diagram

Configurable pulse output between 20 and 400 pulses per metre (maximum operating speed of 50m/s at 400 pulses per metre).

Configurable CAN output messages for baud rate and identifiers. DBC file generation for simple integration with other data systems. Set identifiers to Race Technology standard for CAN connection to other Race Technology system components.

Further information about the SPEED10 is available on our knowledgebase here