IMU06 Tactical


What is the IMU06 Tactical?

The IMU06 Tactical is a compact 6 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit. It provides 3 axis acceleration (maximum 5g) and angular velocities (maximum 480 degrees/s) on CAN, RS232 and analogue output formats. The IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) used in the device is of a “Tactical” grade, giving incredibly high accuracy. Output rates are user configurable up to a maximum of 100Hz. The unit can also provide a timing pulse to indicate the moment at which the sample has been taken for data alignment purposes. 

NOTE:  The IMU06 Tactical outputs roll, pitch, and yaw rates, not actual roll, pitch and yaw angles. These can be estimated from the rates but will not be exact.

Who is the IMU06 Tactical designed for?

The IMU06 Tactical is designed for vehicle dynamics testing applications, particularly for suspension or braking testing. It can also find application in a number of other position sensing applications such as stability control.

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