Pass-by Noise Testing System

Product Datasheet  


We offer complete pass-by (drive-by) noise testing systems suitable for both cars and motorcycles. The systems are based around a compact, customised Peli case that mounts on/in the vehicle and a trackside PC and sound meters. With a wireless data link between the vehicle mounted kit and the trackside PC. All data and results are recorded to the trackside PC in the Performance Monitor software, and test results and data are fedback to the vehicle mounted display for instant feedback.

Quick and easy installation for both car and motorbike offering RPM data directly from cars OBD connector as well as direct CAN inputs and sensor inputs for motorcycles. The base station set up is quick and easy with only the optical trigger and the sound-meters required. Passing the optical trigger starts the test at point AA, with the system automatically measuring the distance to P-P and B-B, with the relevant speed, RPM and sound measurements transmitted to be displayed/recorded on the base station.