Our data loggers record test data for in-depth analysis of the data using our Analysis software and Run Processor software.

Data logger with memory card:


Online data logger with live telemetry:



The Race Technology Analysis software is one of the key reasons to choose one of our data loggers. Packed with the powerful in-depth features of a truly professional tool, whilst maintaining an intuitive interface for new users to get started easily.

Key Features:

  • Load multiple files from multiple sessions for direct comparison and analysis
  • Colour track map based on variables to highlight clear areas
  • Automatically synchronised GoPro videos (optional licence) for data by video analysis
  • Hot keys for quick data selection and common operations
  • Comprehensive CAN support for loading and decoding vehicle CAN data variables directly from DBC files
  • Video exports with data overlays and virtual dashboards for easily interpreted data viewing and playback
  • Direct loading of .run files from the RT Cloud

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Quicksync Video Licence - Automatically synchronised GoPro video