GoPro + Race Technology Data Syncronisation Licence - QuickSync Automatic Syncronisation

QuickSync - GoPro + RT Data Sync Licence




See video alongisde full data sets, including connected sensors and data from an attached ECU.



Automatically synchronised Race Technology (from a DL1 or RT LIVE) with GoPro video in the Analysis software.




Automatically Synchronised Multi-Camera Automatic synchronisation of multiple GoPro videos, using GPS data:


Automatically synchronise up to 5 GoPro videos with Race Technology data to:

  • Create videos with data overlays
  • Analyse data alongside video in the in-depth Analysis software
  • Load and synchronise multiple GoPro videos to show different angles during data analysis and combine them in exported videos

Easy 3 step automatic synchronisation:

  1. Open the .RUN data file in the Analysis software (recorded by a Race Technology logger)
  2. When prompted select the GoPro video file
  3. The GPS data embedded in the GoPro video file is used to automatically synchronise with the data file, it takes seconds!

QuickSync automatic synchronisation requires a GoPro with built in GPS - Currently 5 Black, 6 Black, 7 Black, 8 Black, 9 Black, 10 Black and 7 Silver.

What are the advantages of this approach to video and data?

  • Use both of the recorded video file types:
    • Use LRV (Low Resolution Video) files for trackside analysis between sessions. Ultra-fast update for quickly scanning through data and video (less demanding of computer resources and faster transfer time over USB).
    • Use HD and 4K UHD video files for full resolution presentation videos, exported with customisable data overlays.
  • Add video to a professional data system. Fully expandable systems with CAN/ECU, external sensors, in vehicle display and live telemetry options. Use data from a DL1, RT LIVE, DASH2 PRO, RTSS etc.
  • Compact easily mounted GoPro cameras with a huge range of accessories available
  • Incredible value for a comprehensive data and video system
  • Automatic synchronisation

Video tools included in the software package:

  • Analysis – a full professional grade data/video analysis package
  • Video joiner – for joining multiple chapters into full length videos whilst keeping the GPS data intact
  • Advanced overlay editor – for editing and creating video overlays
  • Video playback – Standalone video player with frame by frame control for precise playback control




V10 Commercial

Video Licence

Cost £550
Licence limitations Commercial Use
Data source Any RT Product
Single camera  
Up to 5 cameras  
Data by video analysis  
HD video exports up to 4K  
Data and video synced with GPS time  
User configurable video overlays