Professional Race Data Analysis Software for GoPro Cameras - No Race Technology Hardware Required

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The GoPro Only software extracts GPS and accelerometer data from GoPro video files to:

  • Create videos with data overlays
  • Analyse data alongside video in the in-depth Analysis software
  • Load and synchronise multiple GoPro videos to show different angles during data analysis and combine them in exported videos

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*GoPro models that feature GPS: 5 Black, 6 Black, 7 Black, 8 Black, 7 Silver, 9 Black and 10 Black.

What do I need?

  • GPS enabled GoPro video camera
  • Windows PC
  • Race Technology GoPro Only software

What data is available? (in data analysis and on video overlays)

  • Position – Track maps overlaid onto google maps
  • Speed
  • Lap/sector times (including: Last, best, current, predictive lap counter etc.)
  • Time slip (where time was lost)
  • G-forces – Braking points, grip usage in corners, acceleration
  • Motorcycle lean angle (calculated)
  • Power (calculated)
  • And so much more…

Is there anything else it can do?

  • Acceleration times e.g. 0-60 mph or even braking times 60-0 mph
  • ¼ mile times
  • Open circuit (sprint races)
  • Use the simulation tool to simulate a “perfect” lap for your car

What are the advantages of the GoPro Only system?

  • Professional video and data system at a great price
  • Very light weight and compact – just a GoPro mounted securely to a vehicle. So suitable for smaller vehicles like bicycles, karts, motorbikes, as well as cars.

What are the disadvantages of this system?

  • No external sensors, CAN data or ECU/engine data can be added to the system. If you require this then see our QuickSync licence option for synchronising GoPro videos with a fully expandible data system
  • Only for outside use, using GPS for all data requires visibility of the sky, so not suitable for use in covered stadiums or indoor karting tracks

Tools included in the software package:

  • Analysis – a full professional grade data/video analysis package
  • Video joiner – for joining multiple chapters into full length videos whilst keeping the GPS data intact
  • Advanced overlay editor – for editing and creating video overlays
  • Video playback – Standalone video player with frame by frame control for precise playback control

The GoPro Only Software can be downloaded from here

How does it work?

The GPS data is processed by our software to calculate many aspects of driver and vehicle performance. Recording data and video leave nowhere to hide in respect to driving/riding analysis. Braking too early, cornering too slowly, slowing of acceleration and incorrect line choice become easy to spot. The software gives the driver all the information to improve their results!



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