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RTProgramLauncher / ProgramLauncherUserInterface

Program launcher user interface

On this page:

Sections of the user interface

Program launcher user interface consists of 3 main sections:

  • Left pane
  • Middle pane
  • Bottom pane

1. Left pane

This section contains the following:

  • Option buttons for switching between "Common applications" screen and "All applications " screen
  • A Link to online help articles
  • A link to start a team viewer support session
  • Links to the Race Technology website and the support page
  • Contact information

2. Middle pane

Middle pane shows the following applications shortcut screens depending on the option you selected using the left pane:

  • All applications
This screen shows shortcuts of all applications (except the ones displayed in the bottom pane).

  • Common applications
Dependinfg on the target application you selected during the installation of the software, the Common Applications section will appear differently as shown below:

3. Bottom pane

This section has shortcuts to the following applications:

Minimising, Moving and closing the program launcher

  • To minimise the program launcher, use the "Minimize" button in the top right border of the window.
  • To close the launcher, use the "Close" button
  • There are two ways to move the launcher window:
    • Using the move button at the top right corner.
    • Click on an empty space in the launcher window and and drag the screen to desired location.
Page last modified on July 19, 2021, at 12:09 PM