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Operation / UsingInternalInputForGearCalculation

Using an Internal input for Gear calculations

As well as calculating which gear is currently in use from the ratio of the RPM and wheel speed inputs, the DASH2 can use analogue channel 1 as in input to show which gear is selected. To set the DASH2 up for gear indication, set the Ana Gears option to “On”, next you will be asked how many gears are present. Here, enter the number of forward gears. The unit will automatically add on for reverse and neutral. After setting the number of gears, the display will change to show the current gear being edited, “STORE” which is the stored reading for the current gear, and “NEW” which is the current reading on the analogue input.

To set up a particular gear, use the UP and DOWN buttons to select the required gear and then press the SELECT button to store the reading. The value from the NEW window will now appear in the STORE window, showing that the upgrade has been completed. When you have finished setting up the gears, press the MENU button to exit and store the readings. Please note that the DASH2 rounds off to the nearest Volt. For example, if gear 1 is set to 3v and gear 2 is set to 4v and voltage reading between 2.51 and 3.50 will be gear 1.Similarly, any reading between 3.51v and 4.50v will be gear 2.

Page last modified on April 24, 2008, at 04:01 PM