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Operation / ReviewingMinAndMaxDataValues

Reviewing maximum and minimum data values

The DASH2 can store and display maximum and minimum values for each of its input channels. These values can be reviewed by setting one of the buttons to the “Show max/min” function as shown in the sub-sub menu in Figure 4. Refer to “Programming soft buttons” and set the button function to “Show max/min”. Whenever this button is pressed it will temporarily replace the current three displayed channels with their maximum values. This display will be held for around five seconds, during this time, moving on to another display screen will reset the timer, thus enabling you to scroll through all display screens and view all maximum values. If the max/min button is pressed again during this time the screen will change to show the minimum values. A third press of the button will reset all Max/Min values.

Page last modified on November 22, 2013, at 01:38 PM