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Operation / OutputtingTheDASH2AnalogueChannelsToTheDL1OrDL2

Outputting the DASH2 Analogue Channels to the DL1 or DL2

The DASH2 is provided with four, fully configured, analogue input channels of its own. These are in addition to any analogue inputs provided by connection to a data logger. These channels may typically be used to monitor variables such as fuel level, water temperature and oil pressure, via existing sensors.

The DASH2 outputs serial messages on its data port for these and they show up as analogue channels 17 to 20 on the serial data bus. So if the DASH2 is connected to a DL1 or DL2, then this data is logged and it can be displayed in the Analysis software, or if the DASH2 is connected to a PC then you can display the data on the Monitor or Lite monitor.

The data logger must be configured with Decode Serial Data option selected to log the DASH2 analog inputs.

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Page last modified on June 26, 2008, at 05:05 PM