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GettingStarted / SettingUpFromAPC

Setting up the DASH2 from a PC

The DASH2 display consists of three main sections, each of which has multiple configuration options. These settings can all be changed using the configuration utility program on the supplied software CD. Five user-configurable screens are available, each displaying three sensor input channels, enabling up to fifteen variables to be viewed in total. All data channels can also be simultaneously monitored for alarm conditions. As well as selecting which data is viewed and setting the alarm limits, the configuration software is also used to set the scaling on each input channel, and to set up the RPM display options and gear indicator calculations.

The DASH2 is supplied with a default configuration suitable for many typical applications, particularly if external analogue sensors are not in use. This will allow display of all the basic features after connection to the vehicle wiring harness. To make custom configuration changes, full operating instructions for the configuration software are available from the Race Technology Online Help System, which is also included on the CD provided with the DASH2. Simply follow the path: Software\Configuration and reflash\Configuring display products.

Uploading configuration data to the DASH2

Once changes have been made with the configuration program, the new settings require uploading to the DASH2. This can be done either by a direct serial connection between the PC and the DASH2 or through connection to a DL1, DL2 or AX22 data logger.

Directly from the PC

This requires connection of the DASH2 serial connector and the serial port on the PC, using the serial extension cable provided. A USB to serial adaptor will also be required if the PC does not have a serial port. Full instructions for uploading the new configuration to the DASH2 are provided in the Race Technology Online Help System by following the path: Software\Configuration and reflash\Configuring display products.

Through a data logger

After completing all changes in the configuration software, click on the save button. The file with the new configuration settings must be saved as DASH.DAT on to a compact flash memory card in to the root directory. The compact flash card should then be inserted into the data logger, with the DASH2 connected. The compact flash card may be inserted in to the data logger with the unit and DASH2 powered up. When uploading configuration changes, it is recommended that the new DASH.DAT is the only file on the compact flash card. The DASH.DAT file will be automatically read by the data logger and the new configuration settings will be uploaded to the DASH2. During configuration upload, the display will freeze for a few seconds, before displaying the new settings when the configuration upload is complete. To ensure all new configuration settings are displayed it is recommended to cycle the power supply to the DASH2. The DASH2 stores all configuration settings, so there is no need to repeat this procedure each time the unit is powered-up, unless making changes to the existing configuration.

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