Pass-by noise system - Options

The Base Station computer is a required part of the system and is a recommend option. This option enables the system to be supplied “ready to go” and a full system check can be completed before leaving the factory. In cases where it is not possible to purchase a computer from an external company due to company policy it is recommended a dedicated computer is used.
Quantity Description - Base station (option)
1 Windows computer
1         Race Technology installed software        
  -Configured "ready to go"
1 USB hub
1 Carry case
The Sound Meters are a required part of the system. The system is compatible with Larson and Davis LXT and 831 sound meters. Purchasing the sound meters with the system enables a full system check before leaving the factory. Sound meters meet the Class 1 requirements and are supplied with necessary calibration documentation.
Quantity Description - Sound meter (option)
2         Larson and Davis LXT sound meters       
1 Calibration certificates
2 40m microphone extension cable
2 USB cable
2 Microphone clip
The Sound Calibrator is required to complete a calibration check before and after each set of results. Sound calibrator is supplied with necessary calibration documentation.
Quantity Description - Sound calibrator (option)
1 Sound calibrator
1 Batteries
1 Carry case
1 Precision Class 1 according to IEC 60942:2003
The Weather Station data is required to be taken during the test to confirm the conditions are within the test limits. This option enables automatic reporting of the weather conditions during the test and results stored alongside pass-by noise test results. The specification of the system meets the requirements of the test. Full specification can be found here.
Quantity Description - Weather station (option)
1         Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station       
1 DAVIS LCD display
1 Race Technology Interface
1 Tripod
The Battery Pack option is an internal battery and only available at time of purchase. This option is recommended for motorcycle testing when 12v power source is not readily available.
Quantity Description - Battery pack (option)
1             12V 5000mAh internal battery           
1 Smart charger