The DASH4PRO is fully compatible with our:

- Data analysis software

- Live monitor software

Configuration Software

The DASH4PRO is supplied with comprehensive configuration software. The software allows free placement of variables, text and graphs anywhere on 1 of 5 standard screens or pages.
As well as the 5 standard data screen, there are also 2 special screens that are displayed at the end of each lap, and the end of each sector. These screens are normally set up to display lap and sector time statistics.
There are also 2 rows of LEDs on the display, the software allows these to be set up for a wide variety of applications including shift lights, a variable value, or time slip.
On the right of the software screen is the variable tree. This can be used to control the variables, including filtering, units, maths channels and alarms.

All our software is available as a single download which includes all programs and the documentation. This is available for free download here.

For more information on how to configure your hardware please visit out Knowledge Base here