ECU Interfaces/Adaptors

Using an ECU interface is an efficient way to display or log a number of ECU/engine parameters without the need to actually wire any sensors directly; for a faster, neater installation. The ECU interface translates information from the vehicle ECU to Race Technology format so it can be easily viewed on any of our displays, or logged and analysed alongside race data in the Analysis software. The data obtained via this method is high quality, reliable, with fast update rates.

If using the DL1 CLUB, DL1 PRO, DL1 WP or DASH2 PRO then integrated ECU interfaces are available as an internal enhancement (range of compatible ECUs is identical to separate interfaces). Click on the relevant product for more information.

Interfaces are available for both aftermarket racing ECUs and various production vehicle ECUs.

If you have an application for an ECU adaptor, please email with the exact model and vehicle age and we will confirm whether we have the information for it.

Where a specific interface is not available, OBD-II systems can be used to obtain engine data from the "On Board Diagnostics" connector.

Un-programmed CAN interfaces are available for customers to configure themselves (knowledge of CAN data systems required). Un-programmed CAN interfaces are supplied with a software package to create the working configuration.

Below are two examples of how the data can be displayed. Click on the pictures for an enlarged image: -


The picture on the left shows boost pressure on track, the map colour gradient displays the different boost pressures achieved depending on track position. The picture on the right shows boost pressure and water temperature for 3 different laps in a race. During the race a head gasket failed causing the engine to overheat.