RS232 ports 
Serial 1 (front) Fixed format data output to SPEEDBOX
Serial 2 (front) Configuration and reflash port
Modem (rear) RTCM 3 correction input/output
RF connections 
GSM (rear) Connection for GSM antenna
GPS In (rear) Antenna connection for GNSS
GPS Out (rear) Signal output to SPEEDBOX or data logger
CAN (front) 
Maximum baud rate 1Mb/s
Data rate 1,2,5,10,20Hz
Output messages GPS status, GPS time, LLH position, NED velocity, 2D & 3D speed, GPS heading & gradient at up to 20Hz
Output latency Either ASAP or fixed 150ms
Address Configurable address
USB (front)
 Configuration and reflash from laptop
Power (rear)
Power supply input