GPS2 RTK - 2-3cm Positional Accuracy GNSS Receiver


The GPS2 RTK is a high accuracy GPS L1+L2 and GLONASS receiver which can be combined with a Race Technology SPEEDBOX or CATS to improve the GPS positional accuracy to 2-3cm. The GPS2 RTK achieves the 2-3cm absolute positional accuracy by receiving RTK corrections; either over the 3G telephone network or via an external radio modem from a local base station. The 3G modem required for receiving corrections is built in to the GPS2 for a very simple and compact installation with minimum configuration. Corrections received over GSM are via an NTRIP caster service, a SIM card and NTRIP subscription are required.

Using the GPS2 RTK with the SPEEDBOX-INS or CATS-INS gives all the benefit of the proven speed and attitude accuracy of the SPEEDBOX-INS, with the addition of positional accuracy upgraded from the 1m level to the 2-3cm level. This brings many more applications within the remit of the SPEEDBOX-INS / CATS system, including:

  • Driving robot input
  • Lane deviation testing
  • Target tracking
  • Driver assistance development and end-of-line testing (ADAS)
  • Driverless vehicle research and development


The GPS2 uses the same stacking design as the DL2 and SPEEDBOX for neat installation.

GPS2 RTK + CATS System Diagram


A stripped back version, simply called the GPS2, is also available to add GLONASS constellations to SPEEDBOX systems. Adding GLONASS reception increases the available satellites visible to the system, offering a more robust signal. Positional accuracy is the standard 1-2m with the GPS2.