Dash2, MS3 Pro, CAN Adapter, how?

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Dash2, MS3 Pro, CAN Adapter, how?

Postby turbo6inky » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:48 pm

Ok, I've aquired a Dash2 and an MS CAN Adapter and have wired it up to my MS3Pro over CAN. It works fine.

In the Dash2 Software, selecting the "MS2 Serial" ECU type, I get data. It's correct data. But it's extremely limited data. I have water temp, AFR, Engine RPM, manifold pressure, Intake temp, the first two injectors, and timing, and a few others. But I have a dozen sensors wired into my MS3Pro (oil pressure, two VSS's, transmission temp, etc.). I'd like to get some of those into the Dash2 so I can alarm on them.

The MS2 CAN ECU Type interface isn't available in the software for the Dash2, so I'm assuming it's a Dash2Pro feature.

So the question, how do I gain access to more than the default MS2 Serial ECU Type fields? How do I read off the CAN Adapter what it's actually sending to the Dash2? Is there a way to modify the ECU Type definitions in the software to add fields?

Do I just have the wrong hardware?

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