Data feed through to DL2 card

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Data feed through to DL2 card

Postby mebilloz » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:44 am

Hi All

I remember reading about feeding a serial datastream straight through the DL2 to its data card, which is how my current ECU data is logged.
The question is can I with an appropriately tagged data stream pass data through at a mush higher rate that the DL2 can capture normal data at.
EG. An Ardunio can capture shock position data at 1kHz pretty easily, but I would love to stick this data onto the DL2's data card so I can then play with the data in the analysis package. Otherwise I am having to write something up in MatLab to analyze the data.

Yes a DL3 would solve this issue, but the $ for 'playing games' don't make it a viable pathway.



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Postby Turby » Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:34 pm

I dont think its possible as the DL2 stores timestamps in the capture log at 0.01 second resolution. Not sure what would happen if multiple samples were received for the same channel within the same timestamp.

Another thing is the maximum data rate supported by the logger (see ... essageRate), its limited to 115200 bits which is approx 2100 msgs per second - assuming you are only logging suspension at 1000 Hz then you theoretically can have only two channels (assuming the issue above isn't a limitation!)

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